i finally had time to sit down tonight and think about this whole entire year, the good, the bad and the ugly. this year, oh boy, was a hell of a rollercoaster through life. it is not the best year i have had, but i guess, i can consider this in my top 3. i … More 2015


i tell myself i can, yet i under perform i tell myself i’ve got this, it never shows i thought i was strong enough to get through this, i thought wrong i don’t want this, nor do i want this. i took hit after hit, blow after blow, i never expected anything in return. but … More strong


i can say that i am a risk taker, in terms of doing things and experiencing and exploring wise. but, not emotionally. i wouldn’t risk my friendship, as much as it hurts, a little. i wouldn’t risk it, i cherish it a little more than i should. truth is that, i don’t have many friends, … More risk