why? that’s the question I always ask myself. everything happens for a reason.but not this time.not for you,some people change because they just want to fit in.and I ask myself why and how can someone change so much in a short span of time. is it only me that see you like that?or others see … More soldier

let it rain

its on those rainy nights that i think better,reflect more and just feel better. its actually quite funny how people can hate the rain,i love it,especially when its at night. the silence from the house,the rain hitting the ground,the thunder and not forgetting,good music. just random thoughts that come to me most of the time,thoughts … More let it rain

i’m just me

its funny how some things turn out to be. its strange how something so unexpected is suddenly happening. many things in life i never knew,never understood, constantly seeking and finding. i never stop to think about life, what is worth, what i want for myself. i’m constantly pleasing the people around me, the smile on … More i’m just me