i’m just me

its funny how some things turn out to be. its strange how something so unexpected is suddenly happening.

many things in life i never knew,never understood, constantly seeking and finding.

i never stop to think about life, what is worth, what i want for myself.

i’m constantly pleasing the people around me, the smile on my face, the sarcasm i say, i get lost, i don’t know who i am.

the feeling of being held down by an anchor, and not telling any one around you that you are drowning, trying so hard to make it seem like you are a float,together with the rest  because everyone around you is afloat.

sometimes that’s all you need in this society, this judgmental, cruel and  cunning society. filled with so many different people that it scares me.

ever wonder whose relationships, friends, smiles, words are real?

ever wonder what situations, people and things are worth it?

ever wonder why people lie because they want attention and company?

ever wonder how to live life?

i give up on pleasing,i give up on finding, seeking, searching, asking.

i’d live life the way i want, find myself again, be happy again.

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