let it rain

its on those rainy nights that i think better,reflect more and just feel better.

its actually quite funny how people can hate the rain,i love it,especially when its at night. the silence from the house,the rain hitting the ground,the thunder and not forgetting,good music.

just random thoughts that come to me most of the time,thoughts about life, the people around me, the future, what do i want, who do i want,where do i stand.

strange that guys always can hide their emotions better than girls.funny how girls can have two sides so easily.

ever thought that i was a guy stuck in a girls body.

things are just so different, the way i look at things, the things i like, the people i can connect with.but well, everyone is different.

so many thoughts,yet i just cannot put them into words. most of the time its songs that work best for me.

lyrics speaks louder than words.

actions speaks louder than words.

funny how i really wish i was back in KKH,just like in May.

all alone,on a rainy wednesday morning,just my imagine dragon and mayday parade playlist on replay for the whole time.

i really wish i was back in the hospital.

i like it there.

i find peace when i’m alone.

alone,is what i like on a rainy night.

the gloominess makes me awake,strangely.

the thunder brings me joy.

everything about this weather makes me happy,
i just wish it rained every night.

like how there is light and sun every morning

and how darkness falls together with a cool weather and rain pouring.

it would be nice if the world is like that.


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