just another set of wings

ever felt so sick,so disgusted,so irritated and so angry at yourself that you just want to slit yourself and feel the life slip through each drop of blood?

it’s just like everything is not going right,everything is just a huge mess,like you have no control over anything.

many people in society put people on pedestal’s,they expect you to be like that person they like,they want you to be that person.but deep down inside,you know you have changed,you know that you’re no longer who you used to be.but why can’t they accept that?

people grow up,learn new things,mindsets change,but you think we want that?you think we don’t want to be that kid that just laughs at the smallest things,that kid that has the wildest imagination,that kid who is always…happy.

I’m not blaming or saying that society is at fault,but I guess mostly it’s our fault that we are unhappy.it actually all comes down to what is inside your head,mentally.

society has many things,good and bad,but it actually depends on how we look at it.to some people,somethings many be good,but to others,maybe not so.

it all comes down to mental strength,find yourself again,i know it’s hard,i know it’s painful because of how much of a mess some of us are,how much we are being influenced.but trust me,do not bother about what others say,just live life the way you want to,the way you are most happy.what others think about what you do is their business.

what have you got to lose?

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