that’s the question I always ask myself.
everything happens for a reason.but not this time.not for you,some people change because they just want to fit in.and I ask myself why and how can someone change so much in a short span of time.

is it only me that see you like that?or others see you like that too?i don’t know,its like as if I don’t know who you are anymore.i guess you would never know.

you try to be someone you’re not,you’re trying to fit in,you know what?we are not like start being yourself.

all you can think of is material stuff,everything has to be about reputation,face,the way you look,the way you present yourself.ever thought that we are not like them and can’t do that?

I have no idea what has the school done to you.we are not rich like them,not as good as them,but you know what?you are trying to be like them,and we cannot afford it.

the best school,the best,everything the wise,but for attitude,personality,i have to say it’s the worst.i sometimes wish you did not do as well and go to some other school that wouldn’t make you like this.

I can’t have words to describe you anymore.all I can say is what’s the use for people so snobby,self-centered,selfish and cocky.

Times are tough,we are not the same anymore,and it’s time you change the way you think too.

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