some things you just cannot put into words,some things you just cannot explain.some things that can only be felt.

things like how people treat you,how people’s attitudes are like. some people just don’t understand and know their treatment. i have to think about mine too. i know mine is bad, for everything i did,said and hurt anyone, i am truly deeply sorry. i learn my lessons the hard way. times are tough now, and that’s how i learn to start putting aside all my unhappiness,negative feelings and start putting in my positive thoughts,a smile on my face, and hope i will feel good and happy everyday.

things may not be easy,but i am sure i’ll get through this.i am trying my very best to be happy,to put a smile on my face, i want to live a life of positiveness, just like when i was a child. everything was easy,simple,happy.

its hard,i know, but i wake up everyday, thinking of where i would be,how far would i have gone if i was actually happy with life? i want that feeling of happiness when i first heard i needed to get into surgery, that happiness when i hit a new PB, the happiness when i finished my first 10K.

its not easy,but lately,i have been starting to stand up from where i fell,for a long time.i finally signed myself up for my first run of the year and i can’t wait to get back into training.yes,i still have my exams,i’m going to find time.if you love something,work for it.
it did not really occur to me how much running meant to me until i was at the gym today. the feeling of wanting to fly again,the feeling to sweat dripping,heart pounding and having that runners high,that is happiness.

happiness comes in many different ways and things,lately i have also been seeing how much the little things in life can make me happy,learning to appreciate the  things i have,the people around me.i think everyone should.time does not stop because you are unhappy,so make every minute count.

surround yourself with people who make you laugh,forget the bad,and focus on the good.

falling down is part of life,getting back up is living.

life is too short but to be anything but happy.

where do you find your happiness?

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