i hate what the world has become.

yes,hate is a strong word,but i really cannot take this world anymore.

slowly,i feel humanity slippy away from me because of people,the society,the actions,everything.

i mean i am in no place to judge or say anything,but really,what has the world become? 
yes,i have only been in this world for 16 years and i don’t know what has been going on since the past 
or the time of dinosaurs and big foot,but one thing is for sure,i live in a world i never expected to turn out to be.

remembering when i was a child,looking into society back then,everyone was sociable,you can constantly make friends 
anywhere and everywhere.there were big sized people and no one judged,there was no such thing as perfect figure,perfect body,hair,face,etc., there was no such thing as make up until you’re 30 or 40.but look at what has happened now.

in just 16 years,people my age are smoking,drinking,getting high,needing to be all high class and be in trend.
kids now are not even kids,with make up,i-phones,being all demanding and pampered,no running around in supermarkets or departmental shops and shopping malls and getting lost.

i am in no position to really change anything but this is MY train of thoughts,so live with it.

to me,teenagers now are getting more and more demanding and spoilt in my opinion. i mean why would you want your 16 year old child to be putting on so much god damn make-up and damaging their skin,drinking and smoking to kill your insides and spending so much on clothes that in the end throw or sell it away because it is no longer in season.
why do people want to spoil their children with gadgets and give them whatever they want?keeping them at home and no letting them have their imagination run wild as well as themselves. why don’t let them experience and learn from mistakes instead of letting them do whatever they want or blame it on someone else?

to look back,i really pity the older generations,my grandparents or ever great grandparents generation.
i wonder how they can live with themselves,seeing all the things changing for at least 6 to 7 decades. 
and for me,seeing only a decade is making me feel so sick and disgusted,i wonder what would happen another 5 decades down the road?

but one thing i am certain,i want my future generation to have the childhood i have,and not the childhood society has made. the teenage years that i would have loved to have and not what society expects.

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