too much too little

//to be consoled, as to console; to be understood, as to understand; to be loved as to love. for it is in giving that we receive; it is in pardoning that we are pardoned; and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.//

overrated things and people,underrated thoughts and efforts. people are becoming too much.

bands, singers and people become so overrated because they are good looking. caring and concerning becomes so underrated because people think that there would always be another chance. but the truth is that there isn’t. nothing lasts forever, not people, not things, not your reputation, fame and name.

people are taking all the advantages they have on peoples care and concern, love and trust, faith and respect. and it is really too much to handle.

why does the good always get hurt? why does the bad get all the love and don’t appreciate it? there are always constantly many “why” questions, but really, no one has the answers for them do they? its becoming too much to handle also with everything that has been happening around.

my faith on humanity is slowly slipping away, bit by bit, my trust in people are getting harder and harder, the walls around me are getting higher and higher. its just that seeing everything around me makes me realize what the world is, how some people can change in an instant, how people has two sides to their personality, how people can talk to you about something when they themselves aren’t doing it.

the world is such a scary place, people can change just like that, things can go from bad to worst in an instant, change personalities because of different people. some needs everything to go their way, some just wants the attention, some just wants everything and all because of good reputation and fame, a little too much don’t you think? some people are just so desperate for attention it is actually disgusting. you make yourself look so low, asking people to do this and do that so people will notice you. you talk like you know everything when the truth is that you don’t. you tell me to set my priorities right when you don’t even know yours. you tell me that i am stupid and dumb because i screwed up my PSLE and became an NA student and took N levels, you say i have no future because i chose Poly over JC, you can just go screw yourself. you stoop so low just to bring others down, good job to you considering that you are part of those smart people. so what if others have big houses in the city, branded goods, fantastic holidays? just face the fact we cannot afford it, well i am sorry for being such an embarrassment to your good reputation, i am sorry for being such a loser to be taking N levels. so what if you are up there? must you really be so cocky and self-centered? you think you are the only one taking something so important that the world has to stop for you just so you can finish what you need to do? do you really think the whole world revolves around you? we are not that fortunate to be able to have everything and anything, and all some people care about is material goods. people, specifically friends has to be top priority, and it will always be huh?judging by the looks of everything. looks like nothing else matters except friends and yourself, you fame and name, everyone has to know you for being such a big-shot, well than good for you.

now in the world there are so much lies but too little trust, too much fake personalities and too little people being themselves and be who they want to be.

what would the world become in the future,now that the world is like this?

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