its just one of those days again. where everything just sucks so much all you want to do is just get away from people and comments and just shut your brain down. today is indeed not a good day, with withdrawal symptoms from gentle bones last night (who are really amazing) and tons of unneeded … More negativity


currently writing this post on the balcony of the hotel in pattaya with people singing so loudly in the background. but hey, i’m not complaining because other than that, everything is just…quite and calm. something i haven’t really experienced in awhile.  it weird how i wished that i could travel and feel this on a … More peacefulness


everyone is different, that is for sure.  but sometimes, being in the same family with different personalities is very very hard.  i can definitely say that because that is my life.  its totally normal to have different points of views in life with parents and siblings. and it is sometimes very hard to cope with … More differences