everyone is different, that is for sure. 

but sometimes, being in the same family with different personalities is very very hard. 

i can definitely say that because that is my life. 

its totally normal to have different points of views in life with parents and siblings. and it is sometimes very hard to cope with it because sometimes every little wrong thing i say will have a huge impact on them. they are my elders after all, and i still have to respect them. but its sometimes annoying and saddening that they cannot really do that for me.

all i want is for them to accept and understand, it all actually started with the sister doing very well in school, and then there it all goes. the different schools and choices we have about life. the things we want to do, the process of how we get there and how we get things done. all these little things are what makes us so different as a person.

basically, this is how and what makes us so different: 

  • JC VS Polytechnic 
  • Planing VS impromptu 
  • breaking the rules VS following the rules 
  • not following social norms VS following social norms 
  • change to fit in VS be yourself 
  • dare to try new things VS sticking to the safe side 
  • arts VS science 
  • arts VS sports

i find it pretty sad really, that i can be so different from the people that has been with me all my life, and its also very sad that i see people slipping away from me because of the different personalities we have. changes are so drastic it like i don’t even know how to talk to them anymore, when they used to be the closest people i have. 

but on the bright side, as i seek to find myself and understand myself better, i realise that i found people that actually have the same way of looking at life, sometimes somethings might be different, but overall as a whole , they are no more different from me. and that is one thing i am really thankful for. 

even though i don’t have any outputs for my problems very often and frequent at home, its good that when i meet up with them, they understand, and they know what is going on. its like they are your family found in friends. even though we do not meet up often, when we do, its like they were always around. i don’t need someone to text everyday, call me everyday and talk to me all day everyday. i just need people around me to be there when i need them, know when i need them, and they will be there for guidance and support. 

besides the fact that people are so different from each other, there are bound to be similarities, one way or another. its not something that i want to go into, and that is not something i want to find out. 

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