one week just passed like that. even though it’s just flying to Hong Kong, my second home. grew up, lived, laughed, cried, as much as I have in singapore.( maybe slightly lesser) but still, I’ve spent quite a bit of my childhood here. and there is no way that i’ll say this isn’t home too. … More flight


lets see…two posts in a day. not the first time, but i just have the sudden urge to think about stuff. something i can never understand, why do famous people have it better than normal people? what makes them so different from normal people? fame? fortune? name? reputation? isn’t that something every living human being … More mistakes


its no surprise that i have gotten myself a second ink. i mean, whats the difference? i’m just expressing myself,no? then why can people pierce everywhere, dye their hair, shop till they drop and style their hair whatever they want it to look like, and they are then considered expressing themselves? firstly, i don’t shop … More ink