lets see…two posts in a day. not the first time, but i just have the sudden urge to think about stuff.

something i can never understand, why do famous people have it better than normal people?

what makes them so different from normal people? fame? fortune? name? reputation? isn’t that something every living human being have? it just depends on how much or how little it is. i get it that celebrities need to keep their image, but why is that some can keep their image to such a clean cut and some against social norms, but still be accepted and look up to?

its just something i can never wrap my head around. its not that i am targeting anything or anyone for this matter. its just something i could never wrap my head around.

and why can some be so humble and contented, while others have to flaunt everything they have?

i have to admit, when normal people make a mistake, it kind of falls through the cracks and goes pretty unnoticed, except for our friends. but when celebrities do, their reputation could just be easily ruined and it god noticed by the whole world. besides that fact, why can they be expressing themselves in such a large scale but when we do it, people would be saying things like ” oh, you’re just over dressing”, ” you’re just trying to copy them. its so not you” , “be ore original” and the list can go on. and why is that so?

for a typical social norm, hair colours aren’t supposed to be some crazy colour. but when famous or popular people does it, its totally fine and cool. but when our friends do it, the reaction is totally different.

for a typical social norm, dressing up is not crazy layers of clothes all overlapping together with clashing colours and many arm candies that reach elbows, piercings that are everywhere around the body and tattoos that are all where, everywhere around the body.

when celebrities do that, its totally fine and cool. everyone wants that. but the funny thing is that, when someone else does it before it get all “in-trend” all they get are insult of trying to hard or getting misunderstood of trying too hard.

what makes them different to begin with? aren’t we all humans, people, someone, after all?

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