one week just passed like that. even though it’s just flying to Hong Kong, my second home. grew up, lived, laughed, cried, as much as I have in singapore.( maybe slightly lesser) but still, I’ve spent quite a bit of my childhood here. and there is no way that i’ll say this isn’t home too.

for the past week, I had to make decision, remember roads, shops, think of how I should spend my money. it’s not about have a lot or a little money, it’s the responsibility that comes with it. even though I didn’t need to pay for my meals, buying things, using it on transportation, all those need to be put into consideration too. I have to say, for my first time, having so much cash on hand, I was a little overwhelmed, so much that I was quite unwilling to spend it. but to think about it, the freedom that comes with it is also quite scary. it’s like I can spend like no tomorrow, but the truth is, I don’t know if I spent it wisely. I would like to think that I did….

truth to be told, I haven’t been thinking about life as I want to. I thought coming here, I would clear my mind, get ready for school to start, think about goals for next semester , about the future, plans and achievements. sadly, didn’t happen, Nd now I’m on the bus to the airport, already.

for one, the protest has been a huge topic to talk about. with everything that has been happening, I agree with what they are fighting for, but I do not agree with the method they are using to fight so hard for. I dislike the fact that they say they are fighting peacefully. all they are doing is trying to get the government’s attention and hence they have to do something about it. the rest, is just disrupting the whole community and it’s civilians from doing their job and go places. what do you even achieve from sitting on the roads? what do you achieve from picking fights with people? what do you achieve for making your our country look bad and corrupted?

besides that, the family has tons of tension. from the 2 uncles. I think that is actually the effects from staying with my grandparents for too long. they have always been traditional, and I respect that. traditional is good, but trying to pass on your way of doing things is a no way from me. I can now slightly understand why my uncles get so angry at my grandparents. but it’s sad, that even though they make sense sometimes, sometimes, what they say just makes me want to punch them into oblivion. just don’t talk to my grandmother about her religion choices, that is pissing. other than that, I actually can empathise with my uncles. it’s actually quite scary how I am alike my second uncle, the way we think is about the same.

and as for my aunt, I love her to bits. she is one of most understanding relatives I have had. I don’t know if it’s because of the fact that she works with an insurance company. she is one of my biggest inspirations. being where she is today, she told me, is just to work hard, do what you love, enjoy the process and just do everything to your best of your abilities. she says that she might not be married,she might not have kids, but having me and my sister and nieces is enough. she treats us so well, you can actually feel the love there.

it’s crazy how good my aunt is at her job. she has got to be one of my inspirations to do well. she is so good that she is recognised internationally and is the top 1% of the whole financial sector, with banks and insurance. it’s mind blowing. and knowing the amount she makes a month, it’s crazy. but it’s really nice to see that she is so humble about it. there is just so much to learn from her, and I can trust her to put my future savings and thoughts in her hands. next year, just a year later. I’ll be in charge of my own life.

and guess what, it’s only another 2 months plus before Christmas, this year feels like I have just flew past 2014, it’s like I’ve just started school. it’s slightly crazy and overwhelming. but no matter what, I just hope everything will turn out well and fine.

now it’s time to go back, face reality, and hope school would turn out well next semester. 15 weeks, and that’s all.

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