fighting alone may be tough, but in the end, i’ll be more independent than you’ll ever be. 

its so annoying when parents support their own child, even though they are in the wrong. i guess its a hard situation to get out of. times are tough, studies is almost everything, being up there is something that is a just for people. and its a lot harder when your dearest sister is the one that is up there. everything she does is and has to be right.

something you have to know be tween my sister and i, is that we are opposite ends of each other. let me classify it for you.

my sister is the type that works out for the sake of doing it. the typical kind of girl that goes to the gym in tights and has to care about how she looks and how her hair is during and after her workout. she has the typical dream of staying in a condominium, with two kids and a maid. with a family car, or two. working from 8am-6pm kind of job. do not like taking risks, likes to be in control of everything she does. has to have class and has to be very logical. basically the typical epitome of a girl that every parent wants.

about me, the total opposite. can never sit for too long to study or work. work out and exercise because i love to run. running is basically part of me. tattoos, piercings and hairstyles that are not really “work appropriate”, like side-shaves and mohawks. i would want to travel. go on backpacking adventures and live in dorms, take budget flights. travelling on a budget. i also like to take risks, like wanting to scuba dive, jumping off a plane and ski down a hill, rock climbing, basically those fun stuff.

so of course, my sister is clearly the more likable one.

its tough, it really is. just because we think differently, does not mean that i am wrong.

i think i have actually talk about this before, but even though i ask them and they tell me that they are not comparing, subconsciously and unknowingly, they are. talking and asking about our futures and what do we have planned out. asking if this should be the right path, etc.

and the fact that my sister knows that my parents favor her more, she can actually go that low to even use the excuse of “because i’m older than you” or “because i am smarter than you” to ask me to do things. and the worst of all is saying because you have to work, that is why you are tired. i have school too, ain’t i tired too?

i have to still cook and take care of you, even though you are the older one.

you might be mature and older in terms of studies, mentally and logically, you really have no idea the basics of living. to live by and for yourself and not other.

i asked my mom what was the biggest difference between my sister and i, even though i know that we are very very different, i wanted to actually know what is it from a different perspective and when put in words.

she said, i am more on the cool side, not physically, but the way i ask questions and answer. i can be very crude, mean and direct. i don’t like to go in rounds when asking or answering. i don;y care what others think about me. and for my sister, its exactly the opposite of whatever i am.

fighting, not verbally, but internally and sometimes externally with myself and the people around me is though, but in the end, i’ll be stronger and more independent. i’ll get though this, i know i will

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