brain vomit

I realise that the more i grow up and know about things, the more scary the country is. Back in 2011, never once have i ever followed politics or anything, ever. This year, it has just been popping up everywhere and any where. I am not even eligible to vote. However, i really feel that some adults actions about who to vote for is just absolutely childish.

Have been reading many articles, and i guess, its true that Singapore needs change and balance. But is now the right time? Is really changing many things that has been put in place so well for the past 50 years now the right time? Personally, i feel that nope, just not yet. The politicians say they want to change for the future generations, children and grandchildren. Comparing to others countries would not make it a better country. You don’t want citizens to pay taxes, save money, have a good education, instead, you want to bribe citizens with money, being pretty much tax free, and god knows what else.

Is it really the right thing to do? Being a student here is tough, its challenging. But without such a a type of education system, how are you expected to go to other countries and actually do well? Its funny really, how people complain so much about the education system here, but in return, when they leave, they actually get good positions just because of its education here. Why in the right mind would people want to even pay so much jut to study here. I feel privileged. I get to study here, essentially for free. Is it really that hard to see the bigger picture here? It has only been 50 years, its really not a lot of time for a small country. So why want to get rid of its foundation now?

That aside, people say that there are too many foreign workers, but we Singaporeans have been too pampered and too spoilt, really. No one wants to be cleaners, no one wants to build our houses. So what do we do? Ask others to come and build them. We really expect too much from a small country, yes we are first world, and if things really do start crumbling pretty sure we’ll end up going down too.

I’ve seen the benefits of being in Singapore, and i do actually like the policies now. I mean, i’m only 18. I don’t have to look so much into it, but i just naturally do. And its good. The saving part, having it used to buy houses instead of forking up huge amounts of cash. For education, for healthcare. I mean, its a give and take situation. You want good stuff, you’ll have to sacrifice some. People look too much into the money. yes, it is important, but is it only money that is important. My dad’s CPF has helped paid my operation bills when i went for surgery in 2010. It kind of lifted a huge burden off my family’s chest. It was not a lot, but it was good enough.

The thing that i am most annoyed about, from this GE in general, is people asking others that they MUST vote for this party, or that party. And how people want to vote the opposition just because they do not like the PAP. It really isn’t about liking the party, it is the policies that they implement, the things that they say they will do.

I strongly believe that balance is important, don’t get me wrong. But i really just feel that now is not the time for that huge change, yet.

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