i finally had time to sit down tonight and think about this whole entire year, the good, the bad and the ugly.

this year, oh boy, was a hell of a rollercoaster through life. it is not the best year i have had, but i guess, i can consider this in my top 3.

i told some people i hold closest to the deepest and darkest secret i had. i learnt to look at different perspectives. i learnt, to always to everything out of the love of it, and not because i am afraid to fail, or not meet expectations. i learnt to love myself a little more. all in a short span of 4-5 months.

the past 4-5 months has so far been the best parts of my 2015. i have learnt the most in these past few months, and i am eternally grateful for it.

especially in the past 2 months, it has been the best and the most unforgettable months i would probably have. i cannot put into words, how everything seems to pass so quickly.

the chance to run POL-ITE just a month after being done with surgery, to catch up with old friends, to find out and discover emotions and feelings i never knew i possessed, to look at things differently, and most importantly, what i learnt this year, is to love.

there were many things this year, that were all about love, passion and care. these are going to be my biggest takeaways this year.

this is probably going to be my last post for the year,

so bring on 2016.

until next year.


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