brain vomit

I realise that the more i grow up and know about things, the more scary the country is. Back in 2011, never once have i ever followed politics or anything, ever. This year, it has just been popping up everywhere and any where. I am not even eligible to vote. However, i really feel that … More brain vomit

water colour

it has been too long since i last wrote something here. truthfully, it is not that i have been lazy, but that i have found another outlet to pen my life on. and that has been another account on instagram that has been on my phone. and throughout this period of time, i realized, that … More water colour

Friendship: Strangers Again

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Have you watched this short film by Wong Fu Productions? STRANGERS AGAIN: SHORT FILM This short film brings us through the journey of a typical couple, from the time they first met, the great times they had together, and eventually ending up feeling like complete strangers and not knowing much…

Of Heroes, Dragons & Adventures | The Greatest Lesson I’ve Ever Learned

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There are these little remnants, flickers of memories and moments of something beyond happiness, that float through my mind like flashes in the sky during a thunderstorm. I love these moments. These moments, despite anything else that may arise throughout my days, keep me focused on a reality…